AHC31 GameNight – February 16th

Yes YES! On Friday 16th of February we host our second AHC’31 game night! This time we’ll bowl like there will be no tomorrow. Included extras are a new tomorrow and paracetamol.

We will meet up at KNIJN Bowling (Scheldeplein 3, 1078 GR Amsterdam) at 20:00 o’clock. Please be on time as KNIJN will have no pitty for weak excuses. At 20:30 we start bowling until 22:00, after bowling we take a small walk to the Pijp for some well-deserved drinks.

If you want to join please let us know by paying € 10,- via the following link: https://betalen.rabobank.nl/betaalverzoek/?id=8q3rP4T9Tdi9DHG9zsEwXQ

We can only reserve lanes by paying beforehand, so please pay as soon as possible, because Knijn is usually fully booked quickly especially on weekends.



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