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GAME ON – November 29th

Wait wut? Didn’t get the memo? This message is in weird ancient Dutch from when we ruled the 7 seas +1. So real Dutch people will get most of it. Anyways, Friday, November 29th. Game night. Get your game face on, get moving, and frag along. p0wn some serious p0wnage, frag like their aint no pewdiepie holding you down, bring...


AHC31 GameNight – February 16th

Yes YES! On Friday 16th of February we host our second AHC’31 game night! This time we’ll bowl like there will be no tomorrow. Included extras are a new tomorrow and paracetamol. We will meet up at KNIJN Bowling (Scheldeplein 3, 1078 GR Amsterdam) at 20:00 o’clock. Please be on time as KNIJN will have no pitty for weak excuses....

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