When its Friday, (my) juices are already flowing. If its also the thirteenth juices are oozing out of every little nook and cranny. YES this is a very visual text, YES this has nothing to do with the subject and yes we do not care!

All we care about is YOU coming to AHC31 GAME NIGHT in PLAN B on the OVERTOOM.

We all arrive a bit before 20:00 hours. After which Silas will explain whatever it is he has to explain. Marieke will stand idly by him smiling uncomfortably since she did not drink enough just yet. After this grand opening, the party will begin.

This is the best moment:
A) To get to know your club buddies outside of handbal
B) To receive a master class in playing pool by TOMMIE
C) To see him do it on a booze binge… (playing pool that is)

More info? Check our Facebook page and search for events or JUST SHOW UP!

Ciao a tutti,



Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...

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