Gettorfer TV – AHC’31

This is what happens when two teams, two cultures, two different groups of people meet. Handball!

Earlier this year, the guys from Gettorfer TV handball asked us to play a game of handball when they had there guys weekend in Amsterdam. ‘Of course’ we said! Playing against a team of bloodthirsty Germans is something I love doing day in, day out! As it turns out though, the guys from Gettorf where not bloodthirsty at all. It seems as if the city of Amsterdam already did the hard work for us and played a couple of “tricks” on them just before we played. I promised not to go into detail about this for privacy and obvious reasons of course! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Gettorfer TV is an old club. It dates back to 1889. And we all think AHC’31 is old dating from the early 1900’s… We are just babies when it comes to Gettorfer TV!

A special shout out to Kai! A great keeper who always will have a warm welcome when he returns to Amsterdam. Kai, we have a job for you in Amsterdam that involves Math!!! And also thanks to our great referee who seemed not to mind keeping us boys in check.

Next year we might go to Germany? And provide our friends from Gettorf an honest rematch. Thanks from all of us at AHC’31 and hope to see you again somewhere in the future.

Sportlichen GrรผรŸen,
Tommie & Heren 1





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